The text provides powerful examples of Needham residents from the past and present taking care of themselves while creating a community where residents make sure the needs of others are addressed. Each line of text delineates or suggests a moment of decision-making in which a need is articulated, and a choice is made to seek or to offer assistance.  Using the real words and real stories of over 1000 Needham students and community members, including business owners, school faculty and administrators, parents, coaches, town government representatives, seniors, veterans, first responders, healthcare professionals and clergy, the text brings home and underscores the artwork’s goals to educate and to inspire.

“But it is often the smallest acts that reach nearest and dearest to the heart.” – Needham High School Yearbook 1897

“I have spent the last two days visiting 32 homes to tell 73 children that their fathers have perished in the battles of Lexington and Concord.” – Needham Minister’s Journal, 1776

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