The Project

A permanent and compelling sculpture for the community that embodies Needham’s commitment to caring, and inspires us to support our own and each other’s well-being.

What You Should Know About the “Own Your Peace” Project

“Own Your Peace” is about a community defined by its commitment to care. Through the years, Needham residents have stepped forward to offer comfort, support, and expertise to build a resilient, progressive and caring environment. Our volunteer, public service, education, faith, and local business communities have always taken action, especially in times of challenge.

In keeping with this spirit of community activism, students at Needham High School created a series of events they named “Own Your Peace-Piece”. When you Own Your Peace you understand and respect who you are, and you find healthy ways to persevere through the adversity you face. When you Own Your Piece, you recognize the struggles of others in your community and reach out to help. In a collaborative effort the students, the Needham High Administration, and other community partners want to make that vision a reality by installing a new sculpture at Needham High.