The Own Your Peace Sculpture Making a Difference

1. Fostering awareness of individual and communal struggles, and high lighting the constant, every day community support for ourselves and for others.

2. Honoring historical and present day resilience in the community using the real words and real stories of past and current students and community members. Historical text, including records of sermons, letters to the editor, old NHS literary magazines, and experiences of hardship and current stories were collected from students, faculty, parents, administrators, town officials, business owners, town volunteers, first responders, veterans, and clergy.

3. Mobilizing people to speak out, to seek support and to offer help, guidance and resources to each other. The sculpture offers tools for: problem-solving, decision-making, outreach and accessing community resources, stress management, risk and preventive factors for depression.

4. Creating inspired space for informal and formal learning (adult programs and school curriculum-based education), community health activities, gathering, meetings, workshops, ritual and celebration.