Art and Community

A Part of Everyday Life

“Own Your Peace” will be an every day part of the life of Needham High School and the Needham community. It engages people as they gather in the High School’s main circle, attend outdoor sporting events or enter for performances, courses and events inside. Lit at night, it is a representation of the 24 hour presence of the community’s web of support.

The Sculpture

The sculpture itself offers the experience of a portal, of something one goes through and is in turn, transformed. In the mirror polish steel, you can see your reflection and that of others journeying through.

Reading the sculpture’s words, with their curved lines and forms, causes one to twist and turn. A refreshed, “out-of-the-box” perspective that speaks to how we are healed and how we move forward. And, as you stand inside the curves, there is a sense of holding and safety.

A Work of Public Art

This work of public art is a shared experience. It has the capacity to change attitudes, bring communities together, and create hope and healing. The text speaks to you and asks you to respond. It serves as a message about looking inwards and outward – about owning your “peace” and your “piece”.